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Iíve ideas &plans for international organizations.
I want to sell them to concerning firms and reserve my rights for good % of the profits because it may be billions not millions and many countries, companies and persons will profit from them.

Example1: sporty revolution for   global peace

Example2: new high profitable way for sports broadcasting

Example3: new approach for increasing cure rates for cancer patients.

Example4: new approach for reducing appendectomy and increasing cure rates.

Example5: new plan for preventing bird flu and increasing poultry production.


Once I speak or write some words to any person they my catch the project and refuse it and then go to do it.
What can I do to protect my intellectual property?

Could a non-disclosure contract be the ideal solution?



The executive summary provides a brief overview of the following:


Sources of revenue:  




Direct national sales and services fees.

Indirect commissions of some related products.

National and international prizes.

International franchise system.

International sales of Egyptian pharmaceuticals and herbs through Internet and export.

International sales of Egyptian medical and pharmaceutical services through Internet.  



The business concept/idea:


Medica brain will be the market maker in the medical field.

Its main goal is the overall community health and thus economic development

It will make a cooperation revolution between patients, workers, physations, pharmacists, researchers, universities, exporters, manufacturing, and distribution companies and governmental authorities in a profitable way for all contributors.




1st market is Egypt.

2nd one is Arabic world.

3rd one is developing countries.


The competition, current & future:


Our unique idea depends on cooperation not on competition to be beneficial for all contributors.

It presents new ways for cure, decreasing time and cost of illness, increasing the overall community health and development through increasing the sales of good products and services in a collaborative unique way.


How will the product/service be developed/delivered?

The products and services will be developed by direct communication between main cooperative persons and companies and through daily management of customers feed back.


Delivery of the services and products will use different ways:


Direct counseling.

Direct sales.

Sales representatives.

0900 audio text service.

Accepting credit cards and other electronic paying methods on our Internet site.


Experience and background of the core team:


1st one is the inventor Medhat Ahmad Abdulhafeez.

 He is a community pharmacist owning and managing 2 pharmacies in Mallawy and Deirmawas.

Cities in Minia governance

 He had b.s.pharm.  Assiut University 1988, worked for some pharmacies in Cairo and with Alkhorayef chain pharmacies in k.s.a. Until 1997.

 He has good managing and marketing background added to his medical, pharmaceutical and trade skills

 He is an inspired planner and creative thinker whose brain is mush faster than his power of execution.

 He has many hundred valuable projects in many fields and will present them to the concerning companies locally and globally through his under construction web site:

 His certificates are available at this site that He had prepared in hurry to present them and some quotation of his copy righted printed books about his projects, which are some of Medica brain products.

 -The 10 million pounds / year stop smoking begin profit plan.

 -The uncountable profitable plan for economic growth through general health improvement using reasonable priced products, services and techniques.

 - Al hakeem total cure system by using complimentary medicines.

He now is corresponding united nations organizations: who, fao, wto, and world bank to protect his theory for economical profitable and effective total preventive and curative global system to control bird flu and its healthy, nutritional and economical earthquakes.


 2nd member of the team is the pharmacist Ahmad Mahmoud who had his degree from Assiut University at 1999.

 He worked as medical representative for some Egyptian companies before opening his pharmacy in Mallawy.

 He has good marketing, problem solving and selling skills.


3rd member is the physician Howyda Kamel

 She is running her ob-gyn. clinic in Deirmawas city and work in the central hospital.

 She is the medical part viewer and informer of the project and has the known female way of preparing excellent recipes customers cannot resist.


Key elements of success:


Unique formulated project.

Full of new copy righted manuals.

Full of new ways for increasing total national health status and economic development.

Full of methods and products to increase the total national count of workers.

Full of useful, profitable products and services.


Main risks:


Lack of time due to our works and families.

Being away in Upper Egypt not in Cairo.

Lack of back history.  


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